The Golden Frigate is a folk music studio project

by Victor Sobko and Igor Haidenko

About The Golden Frigate

The Golden Frigate was inspired by Victor Sobko’s love of traditional themes and melodies from the British Isles. Victor does all the vocal performance on the songs of the project and builds up the band’s repertoire.

The songs arrangement and the studio work are done entirely by Igor Haidenko, a prolific musical theatre composer and record producer. Igor has interpreted the songs in a number of ways varying from traditionally arranged ones to psychedelic folk fantasy ballads.

The Golden Frigate’s collection of songs from the British Isles represents well-known compositions as well as some very rare ones, which people treasured and carried in their hearts and minds throughout the centuries. These songs are ageless and may undoubtedly be accounted among the most beautiful melodies in the world.

Victor Sobko

Victor Sobko is a classically trained baritone and he is involved in various musical, poetic, and educational television projects. ‘The Golden Frigate’ is Victor’s full time project and the one that he has been thoroughly selecting songs for and working on for many years. Victor has worked in various vocal genres (some of them can be found on the site as well) but it is his deep love of British folk music with its incredible history that has led to founding ‘The Golden Frigate’ and performing all the vocal parts on the songs ranging from the main stanzas to falsetto backing vocals.

Igor Haidenko

Igor Haidenko is a musical theatre composer whose works include theatrical music, musicals, rock operas, chamber cantatas, music for choirs and symphony orchestras and instrumental pieces for different instruments.

Igor does all the recording studio work for ‘The Golden Frigate’ project, including songs arrangement, instrumentation, mixing and mastering.

He transforms ancient folk compositions into modernly arranged ones making use of powerful synthesizer sounds and unique solo instruments from where the melodies originate. His creative musical solutions, knowledge and experience in composition have shaped the style and sound of the project and have beautified its music with a distinct flavour.

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